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We are pleased to inform you of two consecutive special screenings of the semi-documentation „Deadline: Reign of Impunity“ at the UCI Kino Welt in the Millenium City, 1200 Vienna on 10 December 2011 at 5 pm and 7 pm.

The said film is based on the brutal massacre of 58 people (32 people of whom were journalists) in Maguindanao, Philippines on 23 November 2009 and is our way of drawing attention to the human rights situation prevailing in our country.

„Deadline: The Reign of Impunity“ is meant to express our call for justice: conscience and reason dictate that
- those responsible for the Maguindanao massacre and for other human rights violations be prosecuted
- the paramilitary groups that were so instrumental in carrying out the Ampatuan Massacre be disbanded.