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A core group of six (6) people took
on the idea of forming a patriotic ...

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A society where every citizen has
the equal opportunity to live a...

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We are witnesses to the continuing
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Greetings of Solidarity!

2009 is the time to make major advances in the welfare of our kababayan  at  the home front.  It is time to end the malpractices of the Philipine government that result  the country sliding into a state of worsening human rights violation, exploitation and oppression, corruption, lies and slavery.

"Together let us work to turn people's hope for change into real. "

It is the time to work for real international solidarity to garner support for the Filipino people in their struggle to end human rights violations, for national freedom, democracy  social justice, and development. We are not going to make our country  better  by being timid or too trusting. If ever there was a time for bold action for our country, it is now.  If ever there was a time to critique the Philippine government  that time is now.