Today opens the first page of a new chapter of Filipinos here in Austria. This is a very important opportunity for us in PINAS FIRST and the Filipino community as well.

When one thinks of the language barrier that frequently exists in workshops conducted in multiple languages, one must consider your contribution as being truly exceptional.

Not only have you all been so very much engaged, but you have also demonstrated a keen ability to express the best ways possible.

Indeed, throughout the workshop, particularly this night presentation, you have been extremely thoughtful, reflective and co-operative in learning. And yet, at the same time, many of you expressed a broad variety of views, but  willing to learn more.

But it is only a beginning.

The most important thing you should take from this workshop is a desire to carry on and extend the lessons you have learned – to share them with others, to continue what you have started.You cannot do this alone, however. You need support from your parents, from your leaders and from your colleagues.

We are discussing among us in PINAS FIRST  to open up a column/forum in website especially caters young pinoys in Vienna with cultural trends.

The main purpose of this  just concluded workshop has been first to open your eyes to the genuine tradition and culture of Filipinos.

But, as I said earlier, you cannot prepare yourselves for this alone.When you return home, you must contiuously practice what you have learned, share it with others.

Thanks to the facilitators, Ms Mitchy Saturay and her family. 

Thanks to the officers and members of PINAS FIRST.

Thanks to you, the 31 participants who attended – and participated – in this workshop.

Thanks to the parents, relatives and friends of these 31 participants for lending your precious treasure. 

Thanks to the sponsors, namely: Philippine National Bank, Pinoy Relax, Manila Tours, Prosi Exotic Supermarket, Josco Asian Supermarket, Surya Asia Shop, Matha Supermarket, Forex Austria, Ms Arlene Castaneda (Translation & Language Services), Pandan Association In Austria (PAA), Mr & Mrs Nita and Hanes Neuhold, Mr & Mrs Emelinda Abuet and Wolfgang Schlapci.

Thanks to Wien Kultur who provided considerable funding that made all of this possible.

Finally, thanks to all of you who are here tonight who have witnessed this presentation for with out you this is not a success!

Magandang gabi at Mabuhay tayong lahat!