As we mentioned earlier (Closing Remarks) this Creative Integrated Arts Workshop was a success. We have given  an invaluable gift  to our children struggling to define and develop a sense of  self and it has an great  impact  with everyone of them. Let us continue giving them the proper guidance!

At the same time we were able to promote friendship and cooperation in the Filipino migrant community. We also were able to start developing awareness, appreciation and pride in Filipino history, culture and heritage and respect for other cultures -- intangible assets that our community can contribute to our host country.

Your support was instrumental in defraying the substantial costs of hosting a delegation of well known Thespians (Ms Mitchy Saturay & Family) and secured the necessary training of our chilren in in arts and culture, as well as in covering other related expenses.
You have witnessed  this awesome showcase, felt the love for our country, the Philipines!  And we sure "Twill return a hundred fold".PINAS FIRST would like to acknowledge and extend its gratitude and appreciation to those who one way or the other support-assist this worthwhile project. At this point, we would like to mention the following:

Ms Gemma Blanco
Mr Cirilo Boloron ( visit his personal website: )
Mr & Mrs Gerry Legitimas
Mr & Mrs Alex Pagsinohin
Ms. Amelia Quiballo
Mr & Mrs Norman Villaabella
Mr & Mrs Archelis Villaluz

Without them this would not be a success!

Pinoy in Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST)
25 July 2008