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Frequently Asked Questions


The Pinoy in Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms, and Social Transformation or PINAS FIRST is a democratic organization of migrant Filipinos and their families in Austria.

What is envisions?

A society where every citizen has the equal opportunity to live a decent, peaceful, and dignified life in solidarity with one another.

How will it work to achieve that visions?

Encourage the Filipino migrants and their families in Austria to uphold and promote their rights and welfare and engaging them to partake in the national movement for social transformation in the Philippines .

Through what concrete actions?

Promoting the rights and excellence of the migrant Filipinos by means of advancing pertinent issues, task, and campaigns.

Strengthening the relationship and unity of organization in Austria as well as their families in the Philippines and in the other countries through mutual understanding, the establishment of mutual assistance programs, integration initiatives, support action and solidarity work.

Developing the critical consciousness of the Filipino migrants and their families through educational campaigns (i.e environmental issues, peace talks, human rights, etc.) that will help in shaping a just and progressive society.

Cultivating the values of peace based on social justice without prejudice to religion and other beliefs through research and education.

Nurturing Love for Inang Bayan through cultural activities, study of Philippines history and contemporary issues.

Enjoining the Philippine Government to address burning social issues and problems through lobbying, educational campaigns, petitions and the like in cooperation with other progressive groups and organizations.