We are pleased to inform our kababayan that starting the first quarter of this year 2009, Bayang Hinirang or BH, the official PINAS FIRST publication/newsletter, will be published quarterly with four issues annually. 
                             BAYANG HINIRANG      
           It will be made available to all PINAS  FIRST members and friends.

Through this newsletter (though it is a work in progress),  we hope to communicate with the Filipino migrants community about diverse issues that we felt necessary and important. There are crosscutting issues that affect the lives of the ordinary people on a daily basis. Issues such as gender, race and class exploitation, external debt, labor migration, democratization and human rights, to name a few, have varying effects given the diverse political economy and socio-cultural context.  We hope we can contribute in mainstreaming these issues in our own little way.

In our maiden issue, we will be giving you insights on the the following topics: Migrants & Labor Export Policy (LEP), Charter Change and other GMA options,  World Financial/ Economic Crisis, Human Rights & Extra Judicial Killings, Panay-related issues ie., Fairtrade Foundation and its Campaign to rehab victims of Typhoon Frank (July 2008), etc, Local news (Austria) X' mas party  last 12 Dec featuring wkshp pax/ Jugend Cultural Group including their 2009 plan, Literature, Faith related (religion, etc) . Women's issue and Jokes .                                                                 

For various reasons, the dream of having a newsletter has been shelved for a while. However, with the insistence of active members and officers we will be publishing the maiden issue on 28 February 2009.

All PINAS FIRST members and friends are invited to send any of your write-ups, inspiration, pictures or articles of  common concerns.

The editorial (collective) staff welcomes suggestions, opinions, and other contributions of general interest to make Bayang Hinirang more responsive to the migrant Filipino Community populace and to make it a more interesting piece to read.

All article submissions, announcements to be included should be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   at least a week prior to 30 January 2009.

We're in need of writers or contributing authors, roving reporters (interview), circulation and marketing persons, fund raising/ads, graphics artists...but mainly, we need more articles to publish.

Suggestions, questions or comments are always welcome.