A society where every citizen has the equal opportunity to live a decent, peaceful and dignified life and is in solidarity with one another.


Encourage the Filipino migrants and their families to uphold and promote their rights and welfare and engage them to partake in the national movement for social transformation in the Philippines.


Establish an organization that will promote the rights and excellence of the migrant Filipinos by means of advancing pertinent issues, tasks, and campaigns;

Strengthen the relationship and unity of Filipino organisations in Austria as well their families in the Philippines and in other countries; and

Launch educational campaigns (i.e. environmental issues, peace talks, human rights, etc.) that will further develop the critical consciousness of the Filipino migrants and their families and help in shaping a just and progressive society.

Social Awareness and Development Agenda

- Share the true spirit and values of Christianity particularly the concerns for justice and peace among migrant Filipinos and their families.

- Promote mutual assistance programs and services among the Filipino community in Austria.

- Promote love for the Inang Bayan through cultural activities, study of Philippine history and contemporary issues. Organize study-integration visits to the Philippines especially among the second generation Filipinos.

- Enjoin the Philippine Government to address burning social issues and problems thru lobbying, educational campaigns, petitions, etc. in cooperation with other progressive groups and organizations.

- Engage the Philippine Government to render adequate and suitable services and protection to all Filipino migrants.

- Resolutely pressure the Philippine Government to severely punish all groups and individuals found guilty of involvement in the sex trafficking of Filipino women and children as well as the illegal recruitment of workers.

- Lobby the Philippine Government to act thru diplomatic intervention the immediate release and repatriation of Filipinos unjustly imprisoned in foreign countries.

- Campaign for the ratification and full implementation of the United Nations Convention for the Protection of the Rights and Welfare of Migrants and Their Families by the host governments of Filipinos in foreign countries.

- Invigorate the principles and values of integration of Filipino migrants into the Austrian society.

- Be in solidarity with the progressive organizations working for the oppressed, exploited and marginalized sectors in Austria.