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A revival of patriotic and nationalistic spirit in the hearts of Pinoys in Austria
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 „The Filipino is worth dying for"-Ninoy.

Ninoy proclaimed these indelible words on his way back tothe Philippines in August 1983. He knew the danger that awaited him then but was resolved to return home because „the Filipino is worth dying for“.

On 21 August 1983, he was shot in the head by a still unknown assassin as he was escorted off the airplane at the Manila International Airport (MIA).

His death intensified the patriotic and nationalistic sentiment of an overwhelming number of Filipinos and eventually catapulted his wife Corazon „Cory“ Cojuangco Aquino to the Presidency.
This was the spirit of the simple but meaningful mass celebration in commemoration of Ninoy's heroism held on 21 August 2009 at Donau City Church, beside Vienna International Center (VIC), 1220 Vienna that was attended by 70 Filipinos. It was followed by a fellowship outside the Church wherein the yellow fever stories and more picture taking took place.