A solidarity group representing various progressive organizations in Vienna, Austria staged on Friday 16 April 2010, 6pm a picket rally to express unity with the victims of human rights violations in the Philippines

The participants distributed flyers and presented facts and figures
over the megaphone as it gathered in front of the Netherlands Embassy
and marched to Schwedenplatz in front of the Philippine Embassy.

The Arroyo administration, against which the protest action was
directed, came into power in 2001 and will go down in history for its
frenzy of killing and violence. As of 10 December 2009, its record of
human rights violations include more than 1,118 extrajudicial
killings, 204 enforced disappearances, 1,026 victims of torture and
the detention of more than 200 political prisoners.

The gruesome carnage in Maguindanao on 23 November 2009, that took
the lives of 57 people, the illegal arrest, detention and torture of
the Morong 43 (health workers) on 6 February 2010, the almost daily
slaying of political candidates and their aides and of journalists,
and the continued persecution of Prof. Jose Maria Sison, the chief
political consultant of the National Democratic Front of the
Philippines, are among the recent glaring crimes of the Arroyo
administration against the Filipino people and against humanity in

The time for solidarity is now! Let us combat impunity and be one
with those who seek justice for the victims of the Maguindanao
massacre, with the 43 (Morong) health workers illegally arrested and
with all those who work peacefully for democracy and in defence of
others’ rights. Together, let us boldly assert our rights as
individuals and as a people.

Justice to the victims Maguindanao atrocities and human rights violations!
Immediate and unconditional release of the Morong 43 health workers!
Permanent residence status to Prof. Jose Maria Sison in the Netherlands!