Background information about the meeting passed by Manny Sarmiento „Ano ang ating kampanya sa anti korupsyon- More can be read from the link Dapat Tapat Movement.


Objectives of this campaign:

1) Create awareness and understanding among Filipinos in Austria about the root of corruption .

2) Gather moral support and financial assistance for the whistlebowers and others who are fighting corruption in our country.

3) Unite with Dapat Tapat Movement of CenPeg and Transparency International-Phils.

4) Invite wide participation of Filipinos against corruption.

Initial strategies to invite membership:

1) Survey availability for time and day of meeting esp. for those working and retirees.

2) Kwentuhan – pass information of what is going on around the community.

3) Serve snacks like finger foods, soletti, coffee, tea, juice, water .

4) Posters, flyers to inform.

5) How to change our negative image to positive impression. For a Filipino „Mahirap malaman ang katotohanan“ .

6) OFW’s are the so-called „modern-day heroes“ for our contribution to the economy by our remittances. According to the World Bank in 2010 our remittances amounted to 21 billion dollars, from 9 million Filipinos abroad, 10.3% higher than the previous year.

7) For the next meeting on Thursday, 12 May in the Parish (JIL-Vienna) of Pastor Oscar Bathan, Sechshauserstrasse 48, 1150 Vienna, Austria

a) Each one brings one or 2 guests.

b) Manny will connect with CenPeg if we can get posters and flyers to promote our cause.

c) Print our own newsletter to attract wide membership.

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