Norway Massacre a wake-up call to labor-exporting governments to curb forced migration

We at PINAS FIRST, are one with the people of Norway in mourning the great loss of lives resulting from the despicable bombing and rampage in Norway on July 22, 2011. We urge the Norwegian government to conduct a thorough investigation of the case and mete out justice against the perpetrators of this terrible crime.

We note with regret the hostilities that migrants face arising from racial and economic issues persisting among the population in host countries. This should serve as another wake-up call to labor-exporting governments like that of the Philippines to significantly curb forced migration by implementing genuine land reform and national industrialization in their respective countries. It is five after twelve.

Let us work together to strengthen democratic participation, and advance the people's interests and rights -- it is high time for more openness to discussing the roots and impact of migration and for policies that make cultural diversity an asset. We are all part of mankind and we are all sitting in one boat.

Pinoy in Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms & 
Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST)
Adolf Loos Gasse 6/17/10
1210 Vienna, Austria