Invitation to participate

Our organization, PINAS FIRST was  founded in 2005 and has the mission of encouraging the Filipino migrants and their families to uphold and promote their rights and welfare and engage them to partake in the national movement for social transformation in the Philippines.

This mission is continuously being undertaken through several ways and this time we are coming out with a program aimed at developing the talents/skills  of the 2nd and 3rd generation of migrant Pilipinos here in Austria, via this integrated cultural arts workshop. Please see attached project description.

Two departments (MA 7 and MA13) of the local government here in Vienna are cognizant of this project.

Knowing the track record of your organization in supporting projects of this nature, we are approaching you to assist us in looking for participants in the workshop.You may announce it already and we shall provide you with the application form in due time.The deadline for submission of applications is 15 June 2008.  In return, we will acknowledge your support in the souvenir program that we will publish for the purpose.


Cristina Unlayao,
Treasurer, PINAS FIRST
Tel.# +43 699 1082 7280 

Gilbert Pilayre Secretary,
Tel.# +43 676 600 433 

Manuel Sarmiento
Chairperson, PINAS FIRST
Tel.# +43 699 122 778 35 


Project description:  

Creative Integrated Arts Workshop

This gives the participants a brief experience in exploration of different means of creative and artistic expression: creative drama, creative writing, music, sound, dance, movement and visual arts in a relaxed, informal and even playful environment.The workshop culminates in an afternoon (or evening) of showcases -  short performances and exhibition of works mounted by the participants.

  • To conduct an integrated arts workshop in preparation for organizing a local community theater group
  • To provide a venue where the participants can experience the use of theater in exploring issues and concerns that affect them
  • To stimulate creativity and encourage artistic expression
  • To promote friendship and cooperation in the Filipino migrant community
  • To develop awareness, appreciation and pride in Filipino history, culture and heritage
  • To develop awareness, appreciation and respect for other cultures

HOST:     Pinoy in Austrian Society for Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST)

 PARTICIPANTS: Filipino migrants, second and third generation Filipinos (children of Filipino and mixed couples who were born and raised in Austria)  

English, Filipino, Deutsch  

Head Facilitator: Michty or Ms.Maria Michaela Mallorca Saturay of Concerned Artists of the Philippines (2004-2006), Eskwela ng Bayan, Get the Picture Film and Television Production (2001-2002), and PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) (1981-2005)


DAY 1 - Pre-Workshop  Screening and interviews of participants and finalization of the workshop schedule.

 Day  2 &  3 -Release and Orientation
The aim of the first 2-day of the workshop is to release the participants' inhibitions and to put them at ease with each other.  This serves as a diagnostic session  for the facilitators.

 DAY 4  - AwarenessDramatized Poetry is an ideal theater form module for this workshop. The participants make use of their body, voice, the creative exploration of sounds and use of the imagination in making representational props and costumes.

 DAY 5 - Showcase and EvaluationThe main objective of the last day of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with the production working process. The participants synthesize the 5-day workshop experience and discuss plans of a continuing application of what they have learned. The workshop ends with an activity or game intended to affirm the strengthening of the group's community spirits.

 The Creative Integrated Arts Workshop will be held on 14-18 July 2008 in WeltDorf St. Gabriel, Gabrielerstraße 171, 2340 Mödling.   


The show case presentation (A Night of Discovery: Creative Integrated Arts Show Case) will be held on 19 July 2008, 6:30pm at Donau Stadt Haus der Begegnung, 1220 Wien.

 For particular please contact any of the following: Jun Abrantes +43 676 971 57 77, Glenn Amora +43 699 151 548 25,Gilbert Pilayre +43 676 460 04 33, Manny Sarmiento +43 699 122 778 35, Cristina Unlayao +43 699 108 272 80 . Or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


curriculum vitae

HEAD FACILITATOR: Michty or Ms.Maria Michaela Mallorca Saturay of Concerned Artists of the Philippines (2004-2006), Get the Picture Film and Television Production (2001-2002), and PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) (1981-2005)

                                : Hiyasmin Saturay