Today, the Philippine labor movement lost its staunch, most fearless leader, Honorable Crispin Beltran “ Ka Bel”.

The migrant Filipinos in Austria mourns for the lost of one of the greatest labor leader ever live in our time. Our highest tribute to Ka Bel for his unwavering support in depending the rights and welfare of the working people and other marginalized sectors of the Philippine society.

We cry out for his lost, a good father and a great labor leader, an honest parliamentarian, fighter for national freedom, democracy and international working class solidarity!

We will continue what he started. The migrant Filipinos in Austria will embrace the principles Ka Bel had propagated!

Long live national freedom and democracy!

Long live international working class solidarity!

Pinoy in Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST)
21 May 2008