Fellow Kababayan:

-It's official:  Pinoy in Austrian Society for Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST) has formalized a collaboration with Kultur Wien on a creative integrated arts workshop (CIAW) for Filipino migrants in Austria!

Entitled  „Unser Wesen, Unsere Arten: Die philippinische Jugend als kreative Kraft in der österreichischen Gesellschaft", this unique event will be held from July 14-18 2008 in WeltDorf St. Gabriel, Gabrielerstraße 171, 2340 Mödling.

This historic partnership with Kultur Wien honors not only PINAS FIRST, but the entire Philippine society here in Austria: It is the first time that such a public grant is awarded to Filipinos for a sociocultural event.

Creative drama, creative writing, music, sound, dance, movement, visual arts and more… the workshop participants will have a direct encounter with all these in a relaxed, informal and even playful framework. The workshop is, indeed, an invaluable gift to our children struggling to define and develop a sense of  self.

The grand finale is set on July 19 at Donau Stadt Haus der Begegnung, 1220 Vienna. A Night of Discovery: a showcase of Filipino creativity and talent. It promises to be a spectacular and breath-taking event and is not to be missed!

Now that the collaboration with Wien Kultur is in place, it is time to get on with implementation. There's more work to do:

-- finding additional participants. The applications that have been submitted so far indicate that this event answers a clear need of the Filipino migrants. With more information and educational work, we can certainly interest more young people in taking advantage of this sociocultural opportunity.

-- finding additional sponsors to help cover the operating costs for this workshop and an individual partners for only €5 (cost of one entrance ticket for the grand finale on 19 July).

 It is in this light that we are once again approaching you to share your resources and time.

By being a partner you will help promote friendship and cooperation in the Filipino migrant community. Your support will also develop awareness, appreciation and pride in Filipino history, culture and heritage and respect for other cultures -- intangible assets that our community can contribute to our host country.

Your support will be instrumental in defraying the substantial costs of hosting a delegation of well known Thespians and in securing the necessary training of our migrant Filipinos in in arts and culture, as well as in covering other related expenses.
Be a witness of this awesome showcase and  promote friendship and cooperation.  Feel the love for our country, the Philipines! "Twill return a hundred fold".

Pinoy In Austrian Society For Integrity, Reforms and Social Transformation (PINAS FIRST)
20 June 2008